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International trade friction and security situation of Chinas hardware industry this year

Time:2016.05.09    Browse 5108 Second
At present, China's hardware industry is not optimistic about the industrial security environment, to deal with trade friction situation is very grim. Mainly focused on the following characteristics:
1, the trade friction incident.
In 2015, China's hardware industry suffered trade friction events still maintained a multi development trend. Due to the failure of the non market economic method stipulated in article fifteenth of the protocol on China's accession to the WTO in December 11, 2016. After the failure of the provisions, foreign competitors want to use alternative methods to China's opponents to levy high anti-dumping duties will be more difficult. Also due to the protocol on China's accession no alternative benchmark prices of the countervailing investigation set expiration clause, to respond to the new situation after 2016, some foreign competitors in 2015 filed application more anti subsidy investigation.
2015 1 ~ 12 months, some of the big trading strengthening trade remedy investigation of law enforcement, increase to the domestic industry protection, according to the Ministry of Commerce, trade remedy network announced the statistical information relates to the number of hardware products in China trade friction event more than the same period last year, hardware industry has for many years to become light industry encounters trade friction relatively large industries, industry security situation can not be ignored.
2, trade friction within the scope of the industry continues to expand
According to statistical information of Ministry of Commerce and trade relief network announced that in 2015 China's hardware industry trade remedy investigations involving multiple sectors of architectural hardware, daily hardware, stainless steel products and kitchen equipment, zipper, shower room, locks, etc.; according to the statistics of the TBT notice published on the official website of the World Trade Organization involving hardware products recall event focused on lighters, safe, hair dryer, gas stove, cooking utensils, tools, architectural hardware, daily hardware, stainless steel products such as hardware products. Trade friction events related to the hardware industry, hardware products significantly more than in previous years, the trade friction within the industry continues to expand the scope of.
3, double reverse appeared normalization
In recent years, Canada, the United States, Australia, the European Union the traditional anti dumping investigation large have abandoned no countervailing investigation of traditional to non market economy countries, exports to China vigorously carry out anti subsidy investigations, including India and other emerging economies also quickly follow. In China's main export market, China's export products for anti-dumping and countervailing investigation has become the norm, a separate anti-dumping investigation into an exception.
Anti dumping, countervailing and other trade remedy investigation is a part of the international business competition, has formed a kind of normal. China's hardware export enterprises if there are products exported overseas, it should be ready to respond to anti-dumping, anti subsidy and other preparations for the investigation.
Sum up:
The next period of time, China's hardware industry, industry security situation will not be optimistic, the industry trade friction incident will become a norm. China's hardware export enterprises should pay close attention to the export market competition situation and export market competitors, in order to be able to predict the relevant risks, in advance to prepare. Also enterprises should be as soon as possible to hire experienced international trade lawyer do analysis and preparation, this can also to avoid when passive challenge, save cost and avoid losses.
Anyway, export enterprises in the industry in the next period of time to face challenges from two aspects of developed countries and developing countries, to make full preparations, actively fought the battle of trade friction.