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Contrast between screw type and piston type air compressor

Time:2016.05.09    Browse 1132 Second
For often exposed to air compressor's friends should know piston air compressor and screw air compressor based differences, they from the structure and moving parts and part of the operation and service life consumption and performance aspects are significantly different, then the following by five Yu Hardware manufacturers also to everyone brought some difference about piston engine and a screw machine related knowledge.
1, piston type and screw type air compressor is as follows:
Piston type air compressor: the crankshaft drives the piston to do reciprocating motion, change the volume of the cylinder compression.
Screw air compressor: the Yin and Yang rotor continuous operation, change the volume of the cavity compression.
2, the operating details of the difference:
Piston machine: operating procedures, the need to manually record multiple data. Such as running time, refueling time, oil filter, air filter, oil and gas separator time, but also to the operation of specialized personnel.
Screw machine: due to the use of full computer control, the next set can automatically start and stop on time, loading and unloading. Automatically record various parameters, automatic recording consumables by time and remind the change, and compressed air station inspectors can.
3, damage and maintenance of common problems:
Piston air compressor: due to reciprocating motion does not mean the wear out quickly, need to often change, the month is to remove the cylinder repair and multiple sealing ring subsequently change, need to change and cylinder spring and other continuous operation of a piston, piston rings, valve parts, Qu Zhouzhou tile dozens of parts. Because of the large number of parts, especially the number of vulnerable parts of its failure rate is very high, usually need to be equipped with several maintenance personnel. Need to change consumables capable of making room, with domestic demand of lifting equipment, clean room can not do without oil leakage.
Screw air compressor: only a pair of ordinary bearings need to change, the life of 20000 hours, 24 hours, the annual operation of about three years to change once, while only to replace the two sealing ring. As long as a continuous operation of the rotor, the failure rate is low, without regular maintenance personnel.
4, system configuration:
Piston type air compressor: compressor + after cooler + high temperature dry machine + three level of oil filter + gas tank + cooling tower + water pump + water valve.
Screw air compressor: compressor + gas storage tank + first level oil filter + cold dry machine + two grade oil filter.